Admissions Process

Our admissions process is intentional and exists to ensure that you find the right school for your child. We are here to serve you, so feel free to ask questions!

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At Capstone, our admissions process exists to serve you and your child well. Throughout the process we want you to feel cared for and for all of your questions to be answered in a manner that makes you feel valued. Our process is intentional and exists to ensure that you find the right school for your child, and that if you enroll, we will know you and your child well enough to create a comfortable and successful transition into our school community. Such intentionality calls for a thorough process, but it shouldn’t be a difficult one. Along the way, ask as many questions as you like as many times as you like! We are at your service. 

As you journey through the process outlined below, please feel free to call any time with questions or for assistance at 701-205-6381 or to email our admissions team at

  1. Schedule a visit to campus to meet our headmaster. The purpose of this visit is for you to get a better understanding of our mission, the educational experience here, and the people who will be serving you and your child. This is where you interview us!
  2. Complete the application for admission
  3. When you complete the online application for admission, you will provide the admissions office with the email addresses for the educators at your child’s current school who can best provide an academic and behavioral recommendation for your child. The admissions office will then provide them with reference forms. (In homeschool or other educational settings, you will want to utilize the recommendation forms provided on this page.) The admissions office must receive the director/principal/counselor and the teacher recommendation forms to proceed with the admissions process. Please give us the opportunity to assist you if you have any questions by emailing our admissions team at or by calling 701-205-6381.
  4.  Submit copies of all required academic history documents to the admissions office or ask that your child’s school do so. To best expedite the release of all of the required copies of academic records for your child, please print the records release form or download and email to your child’s school. Homeschool parents may provide documentation themselves but should reference the records release form for guidance.
  5. Once all required documents are received, Capstone’s admissions team will review the application and determine whether to invite the family to take the next step-a family interview. If the application is approved, an admissions counselor will reach out to you to schedule an informal family interview on our campus. If an application is denied, the admissions counselor will provide you suggestions regarding other more suitable options for your child. For students entering 7th grade and up, a one-on-one student interview will be included in the family interview. The purpose of the interviews is to help us better know you and your child so that we can better prepare to serve you and to make plans for any unique opportunities or challenges your child may have. An academic assessment may be administered either at the interview or at another scheduled date prior to an admissions decision being made.
  6. Admissions decisions for enrollment in the current school year are made no more than 10 business days after your interview and student academic assessment are completed and will be communicated with you by phone call and email. Admissions decisions for enrollment in the upcoming school year will be made after February 28 each year, when class rosters for the upcoming school year open up to new students and will be communicated to families according to when their application is received (see the important dates on this page).
  7. Complete final enrollment forms online to prepare for the first day of school! 

Capstone’s admissions process does not discriminate on the basis of  sex, race, color, national origin or ethnic origin, and neither does the academy discriminate on these bases in its provision of equal access to the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally made available to students at the school. The Headmaster may designate some activities as gender specific.

Important Dates

Priority Application/Current Family Withdrawal Deadline February 28
Late Application Deadline* April 15
Priority Application Offers Made March 1-31
Late Application Offers Made May 1-June 30
Pre-K-3rd Grade Application Deadline for Admission to Current Year October 1
4th-12th Grades Application Deadline for Admission to Current Year December 23
*Late applications will still be considered, as we are adding second sections for several grades in 2024-25.

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