Headmaster’s Welcome

We see ourselves as stewards of a great and sacred trust given solemnly to us by parents like you, whose deep hope is that their children may live abundant lives to the glory of God.

We are so honored by your interest in Capstone Classical Academy and are eager to know you and your deep hopes for your children. At Capstone, our mission to cultivate wisdom and virtue in a joyful pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty, particularly as exemplified in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, animates, inspires, and empowers us every day. We see ourselves as stewards of a great and sacred trust given solemnly to us by parents like you, whose deep hope is that their children may live abundant lives to the glory of God.

The task in which we partner with you is a solemn one, but we approach it with great joy, gratitude, and love. Education is serious business because it is a mandate from God to show our children the way of wisdom and virtue, but it is also a gift. Our students experience this paradox of solemnity and reverence mixed with joy and laughter at the glory of creation and all of its gifts. They play, create works of art, tell jokes, run relay races, write essays, take exams, and read books with gratitude, and they learn to receive these gifts and to use them in worship of the Gift Giver. We believe that life should be taken seriously but that taking it seriously demands joy and wonder! God made us in his image as knowers and lovers. He gave us a world full of wonders and minds and hearts to know and to love it.

To help our students to know and to love well, their experience must be rigorous. It must be thorough, exhaustive, and accurate—thorough because we do not want our students to miss out on wonderful treasures of truth, goodness, and beauty that await them around every turn in our curriculum and in the life of our school; exhaustive because we believe that all of life is connected as part of a purposeful, coherent whole; and accurate because we believe there is objective truth, goodness, and beauty, and that these are not matters of personal preference but rather reflections of the character and will of a sovereign God who calls us to a specific kind of life well-lived.

Does this vision of doing school resonate with your heart’s desire for your child? Or does it at least make you curious? I would love to meet you and to hear your deep hopes for your child, your vision for their education, and any questions you may have about Capstone Classical Academy. Please feel free to let us serve you in the manner most helpful to you. Whether you ever enroll a child at Capstone or not, we would be glad to know you as our neighbor and to swap our stories.

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For Our Students for His Glory,

Paul Q. Fisher, Headmaster

Paul Q. Fisher Bio

Mr. Fisher has served in classical Christian schools for a decade and in Christian education for 25 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature and composition with a minor in Bible and Religion from Harding University. He holds a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from Cairn University, formerly Philadelphia Biblical University. Prior to serving as Headmaster of Capstone Classical Academy, Mr. Fisher taught middle and high school courses in English, Biology, Theology, and Comparative Worldviews. He served at Coventry Christian Schools, a classical Christian school in Pottstown, PA, for 18 years, where he led as the founding Upper School Principal, Director of Development, and Head of School. As Academic Dean, he helped Harding Academy of Memphis, TN, develop a robust model for integrating faith and learning, partnering with the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education in the implementation of Teaching for Transformation. Mr. Fisher came to Capstone after serving as Head of School at Eden Christian Academy, where he led their three campuses through a time of transition in leadership across multiple campuses. Mr. Fisher provides consulting to Christian schools across the country in the challenging task of authentic, rigorous biblical worldview integration across all facets of schooling and the life of the school community. He is married to Sheri, his bride of 25 years, and is blessed with three college-aged children.

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