House Jackets

By Jonathan McGuire, North Campus Dean

Sociologist Sherry Turkle said, “We think with the objects we love; we love the objects we think with.” The environment and objects around which we learn are as important as what we learn. As Americans, we’re often taught from the earliest ages to think about people and things as how they serve us—we are consumers first and stewards of God’s world second. However, Christians in every vocation have the opportunity to set another example: the way of Christ.

Because of this, we are excited to announce one of the means by which our environment in Capstone’s Upper School will shift student minds away from individual consumption of objects and products catering to personal taste or past achievements, lifting our imaginations towards—and inviting our joyful participation in—a project that will outlast our personal involvement: House jackets.

Our House jackets are a unique Capstone heritage and twist on an old familiar symbol, high school letterman jackets. While many of us grew up with a letterman jacket honoring our personal achievements, their use usually extended only through high school. They were later forgotten in the midst of university experiences or left behind as a childhood memory. We hope our Capstone House jackets will move beyond sentiment or individual achievements so quickly lost in the college shuffle.

House-specific jackets will be worn by philosophers starting in 10th grade. Academic, athletic, and artistic achievements will be recognized in arm patches. We anticipate the House crest, designed by the artisan(s), will feature prominently on the back along with each House’s motto. Around the crest, responsibilities held and victories won will be recognized with separate patches. The front will feature the Capstone and Golden Gryphon logos.

It is our hope this new tradition will instill reverence for the beating heart of our school culture (the House experience) as well as a reverence for legacy and tradition, even becoming an artifact not merely of sentiment or memory but of piety through what was given to them in mentoring, service in our Upper School, and the generosity of many. 

These jackets provide one rite of passage—a single link in a long chain of Capstone milestones designed to increase our Gryphons’ understanding of virtue and piety—a rootedness of the individual life of faith in our King and his example, where achievements may be honored, but the spotlight is on service and duty in love to those around them who have supported and nurtured them. As the House experience continues to grow, I welcome your questions and hope you will partner with us as opportunities arise.

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