ND Tax Credit

Earn ND tax credit by giving to Capstone.

In North Dakota, charitable gifts to private education qualify for a ND tax credit of 50% of the contribution. For example, a gift of $100 earns a $50 tax credit. Any gift up to $5000 qualifies for the 50% tax credit, with the maximum credit allowed set at $2500 per taxpayer. There is no minimum.

If contributions are from the following, the corresponding tax form must be completed:

  • Individual, Schedule ND-1PSC
  • Estate or trust, Schedule 38-TC
  • Partnership, Form 58, Schedule K
  • S Corp, Form 60, Schedule K
  • C Corp, Form 40, Schedule TC or Schedule CR, Part III
The North Dakota endowment tax credit provides taxpayers who contribute $5,000 or more per year to qualifying endowments a 40% ND tax credit for gifts of up to $10,000 per taxpayer or $20,000 per couple filing jointly. Capstone’s endowment for scholarships qualifies. When you give to the Golden Gryphon Fund for scholarships, please specify “endowment” so that we can properly deposit your scholarship contribution to the endowment. Talk to your tax advisor about ND Form ND-1QEC if you plan to take advantage of this tax credit opportunity. 

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