CCA Lost and Found

These items have been collected from each campus and placed in our lost and found. This page will be updated weekly with any new items. Items will be kept for two weeks, at which time anything left unclaimed will be added to our uniform blessing box or donated.

South Campus

“Minecraft” velcro lunch bag
1 “Genuine” brand girls navy sweater, size 7/8
2 Capstone navy sweater, size S Youth
1 Capstone scarf
1 khaki knit infinity scarf
1 brown knit mitten
1 Light pink with gray stripe glove (“Faded Glory” brand)
1 pair black “Gordini” brand gloves
1 olive green knit beanie hat
1 navy blue beanie hat with logo: “SM-97”
1 small, round gold post earring (we placed in Ziplock bag)
**1 brand new Gryphon Gear hooded sweatshirt Size S Youth – was left behind at the CPF meeting**

North Campus

1 Capstone navy cardigan sweater, size L Youth (not pictured)
3 Capstone half-zip pullovers (1 each S, M, L)
1 winter hat with pom pom
Gray sash
Purple lunch containers
Reusable ziplock bag
Capstone plaid headband
2 pairs black gloves
Capstone luggage tag
Target reusable bag

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